The Gems & Goblins team is composed of seasoned game development veterans with a portfolio of experience from global blockbuster games. See below to get to know us!

Miso Duzek

Since five years old, Michal knew he wanted to make games. With a coding experience of 25 years, he's also skilled in animation and graphics. His superpower isn't execution though: it's surrounding himself with the best talents in the industry, uniting them in shared visions of ambitious projects and getting people excited about them.

Kubo Vrtik

A CTO with exceptional communication skills, Kubo simply makes things happen. Solving complex programming challenges since he was 14, he makes sure that no technical detail gets by unresolved. His experience in the Unreal Engine and blockchain makes him an outstanding technology director, keeping goals and timelines on the top of everyone's mind at all times.

Jozo Malacky

Jozef is essentially an integrated visual team: creative director, concept and 2D/3D artist, animation and SFX specialist. Born with inhuman visual talent, he covers the work of a whole department – and does it creatively, flawlessly, and in ridiculous timeframes; all the while being a great leader to all of the artists in the room.

Miso Chamula

Mad about the Unreal Engine like the rest of the team, Miso likes to take breaks from coding to do some more coding (true story). Besides being a madly overperforming software developer, he's been on the team since its inception and knows the ins and outs of the game's code better than anyone else. Whenever he has an idle minute, he sets himself upon optimizing and tweaking anything he can lay his hands on.

Samo Puchovsky

Closely cooperating with the rest of the art team, Samo is a visual wizard specializing in motion graphics and video assets in Unreal Engine. Working primarily on special effects, he complements others to make sure the game visuals are refined, polished and pleasing to the eye.

Bruno Duzek

Exceptionally imaginative and intuitive, Bruno is a natural at 3D modelling and sculpting photo-realistic scenes, items and characters. He's quickly picked up the game's art direction and smoothly teamed up with Jozef to work together as a well-orchestrated visual duo. His work is sharp and thorough, and always has a touch of a fresh idea, pushing the project one step further.

Maros Kucera

Proficient in pretty much all of the programming languages out there, Maros has been building complex back-end systems since 16, having developed his own operating system while still in his teens. With the ability to learn a new coding language in a couple of days, Maros is a back-end superpower capable of implementing pretty much anything we can think of.

Ondro Hrusovsky

Ondro is a technological mastermind and currently senior Unreal Engine advisor. You'd be hard pressed to find someone with a better grasp of the engine's latest developments and the potential of their application. We're still hoping to get him on board full time to work on projects that make the most of this Epic Games' breathtaking technology.

Alex Mravcak

A trustful tech advisor to the whole team from day one, Alex helped us set up the core technical structure of the game and create tools that make design work seamless and efficient. Combined with a deep understanding of blockchain, his technical skills make him an inconspicuous, yet essential part of the team.

Jan Kadanec

Jan is a seasoned sound designer with a background in both technology and art, combining them in a revolutionary approach to game soundscapes. He's the author FMOD, an adaptive sound system tool for game designers, and helped us shape the dynamics of gameplay through sound.

Matyas Csernak

Working closely together with Jan, Matyas is a prolific soundtrack musician and producer with a track record of everything casual indie games to grand AAA blockbusters, integrating music with gameplay to achieve exciting and memorable game experience.

Oliver Meres

Oliver combines his talent in copywriting, passion in UX design and experience in content strategy to give complex projects structure, present them in an easy to understand language and set up long-term communication programs for them. With perfect English and 5+ years of running communication design projects, he loves cutting redundancies and helps the team deliver efficiency, clarity and novelty within the gaming universe.

Andrej Kras

Andrej is a writer, e-mail marketer and social media content creator who ensures that people like you are always on the same page with the game's latest developments, content additions and gameplay or crypto tips and tricks.

David Pekar

David is easily one of the most dedicated people on the team and a promising talent everyone's excited about. With a competitive e-sports and gaming experience, he has been helping us as QA for years, exercising his sixth sense for finding the right balance and ensuring that players have the best possible experience.

Miso Lenhart

With more than 8 years of working on multiple AAA games with billions of downloads, Michal is a meticulous level designer with an outstanding skill in making games balanced, yet addictive at the same time. His insights drive both fun and revenue, and as lead level designer, he's helping the team ensure quality and playability.

Mato Jurasek

Active in the gaming industry for 10+ years, Martin is a game UX specialist with hundreds of playtests and dozens of usability reports under his belt. As lead game designer, he's launched several major titles and started a whole game dev studio's UX department. He's great at facilitating collaboration between departments and is always bringing new UX improvements to the table.

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