💍How to Buy GNG Tokens

Buying the Gems & Goblins (GNG) tokens is quick, easy and simple. All you need to do is to follow a few steps listed below.

Step 1: Go to the Gems & Goblins Website

Go to https://gemsandgoblins.com/. In the header, you’ll see the current state of the offering, namely:

  • What sales round the tokens are currently in

  • What the current price per token is

  • How much time is left until the end of the current round

  • How much you can buy until the round ends

Step 2: Click “Buy GNG Tokens”

To begin, click the Buy GNG Tokens button, which will take you to the next screen, where you’ll you’ll learn more about bonus offers within the current round and where you can connect your wallet to start the purchase process.

Step 3: Connect your Wallet

First, make sure you’re logged into your wallet and that your browser addon is active – otherwise you’ll get an error and cannot continue.

After logging in, click the Connect Wallet button and in the popup, choose your preferred wallet.

Upon successful connection, you’ll get a wallet notification asking you to allow a switch from the Ethereum Mainnet to the Callisto Mainnet.

If you’ve never connected to the Callisto Mainnet before, you’ll need to add the network first.

After successfully connecting and switching to the Callisto Mainnet, you’re ready to start using it to buy GNG tokens.

If you have funds available on the Callisto Mainnet already, you’re done! If not, there are multiple ways you can obtain them – just continue on with the optional tutorial. Optional: Get Funds on the Callisto Mainnet from another Network

Optional: Get Funds on the Callisto Mainnet from another Network

You can get your funds on a different blockchain network and move them over to the Callisto Mainnet through the SoyFinance Bridge, available at https://bridge.soy.finance/

Currently, the SoyFinance Bridge supports the following blockchain networks:

  • Callisto Network

  • BSC Network

  • Ethereum Network

  • Ethereum Classic

  • BitTorrent Chain

The following example describes how to obtain funds on the Ethereum Network, the native network of the MetaMask wallet. You can of course use any of the available networks or wallets – the process is very similar with all of them.

Step 1: Top up your Wallet

To add funds to your MetaMask Wallet, you can use any of the following methods:

  • Coinbase Pay - necessary to have a Coinbase Account

  • Transak - possible to buy ETH directly with a credit card

  • MoonPay - possible to buy ETH directly with a credit card

Step 2: Move the funds to the Callisto Network

You’ll need to move the funds from the Ethereum Network to the Callisto Network. To do this, use the SoyFinance Bridge available at https://bridge.soy.finance/

First, choose your wallet type – we’ll be using MetaMask.

Second, choose the origin network and the destination network – in our case, Ethereum is the origin, Callisto is the destination.

Next, choose the asset (cryptocurrency) you want to transfer.

Finally, specify the amount of funds to transfer.

If you don’t hold any Callisto coins (CLO), we suggest to select the Buy Callisto coin option and buy at least some CLO, as it will be needed to pay for the transaction fees on Callisto Network.

Step 3: Swap your funds into a currency supported by GNG ICO

During the first round of the ICO, you can buy GNG tokens using the following currencies:

  • CLO

  • SOY

  • CLOE

In future rounds, we plan to support even more currencies.

In order to swap your funds, which now present on the Callisto Network, head to https://app.soy.finance/swap

Next, just select the currency you want to swap from, and select one of the supported currencies to swap to.

That’s it! You can head back to https://gemsandgoblins.com/ to get your GNG tokens. In case of difficulties, you can also follow the official SoyFinance tutorial: https://docs.callisto.network/technologies/tutorials/how-to-buy-callisto-with-your-credit-card



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