Gems & Goblins is a unique play-to-earn game that utilizes advanced blockchain technology and stunning visuals powered by the Unreal Engine. Players embark on an exciting journey of discovery as they explore mysterious islands filled with Goblins and valuable pink gems. Players assemble a party of heroes, plan their battles, and reap the rewards of their success.

Gems & Goblins offers a unique and engaging gaming experience that combines the best of blockchain technology and gaming. Players can not only enjoy the game's fun and challenging gameplay but also have the opportunity to earn real-world value through the in-game assets.

The game's use of NFTs and native crypto tokens allows players to not only collect unique and rare items but also trade them on secondary markets, giving them even more value. Additionally, the game's use of blockchain technology ensures that all in-game assets are truly owned by the players and can't be duplicated or taken away. This adds an extra level of security and ownership for players.

What sets Gems & Goblins apart from other similar projects is its well-crafted game design. The game is designed to be fun and engaging, immersing players in a rich and lively virtual world. The rewards earned in the game are directly tied to the player's planning and actions.

The game's crypto concept is based on in-game assets that can be exchanged for the game’s native cryptocurrency, the GNG token, or NFTs. These can be earned, traded, and exchanged within the game and on secondary markets. NFTs can also be upgraded through in-game mechanisms to ones with higher rarity.

The Gems & Goblins tokenomics system is designed to create a win-win situation for both the game and its players. It provides players with a profitable and engaging gaming experience, while offering investors the opportunity to participate in the growth of the game by investing in the GNG token.

Finally, it's worth noting that the game's development team is committed to constantly improving and updating the game. With regular updates and new features, Gems & Goblins will continue to evolve, keeping players engaged and providing new challenges to overcome. The game's open development process, which incorporates community feedback, ensures that it continues to improve and evolve over time, keeping players engaged for the long term.

This whitepaper covers the details of the game’s core elements:

  1. Storyworld

  2. Game Mechanics

  3. Tokenomics

  4. Team

  5. Development roadmap

Following is a brief summary of each element, with links to detailed explanations where applicable.

A Captivating Storyworld

The game’s story revolves around a heroic party of unique characters uncovering the secrets of a chain of islands inhabited by Goblins and promising great rewards. The lore is heavily supported by captivating visual and sound design that makes the whole experience lively, personal and rewarding.

The story of Gems & Goblins isn’t there just to serve as a backdrop for another tool for cryptocurrency or NFT minting pretty. While many projects just slap a superficial story on a dull game to make it tolerable, the world of Gems & Goblins works hand in hand with the game mechanics and enables players to enjoy:

  • Building a reliable and safe base

  • Freely interact with a changing environment

  • Take advantage of unique hero personalities

  • Rise in the ranks of hero leagues and collect elusive rewards that improve their chances the next time


An Engaging Mix of Game Mechanics

To make the gameplay as engaging, addictive, and fun as possible, Gems & Goblins integrates the most successful and popular game mechanics in a single concept. Featuring adventure, strategy, and RPG elements, the game requires players to adapt and combine different skills and allows for a universe of approaches and possibilities.

The player’s goal is to assemble, expand and improve a party of unique heroes, engage them in Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player versus Player (PvP) battles, collect valuable items and rise in the ranks to take on ever more challenges.

What stands out as the biggest advantage of the Gems & Goblins' game mechanics is the sheer number of possibilities offered to the player. By combining different heroes with different skill sets and improvements, the players can discover, exploit and seek synergies that enable them to take on more challenging opponents.

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Tokenomics: value for players and investors

Gems & Goblins is a unique play-to-earn game that leverages the power of blockchain technology to create an ecosystem where players and investors can benefit from the growth of in-game assets.

The game has its own native cryptocurrency, the GNG token, which is used as the primary in-game currency and also serves as a valuable investment opportunity. The game has a fixed supply of GNG tokens, some of which are allocated for investors and the rest are reserved for players.

Players can earn GNG tokens as rewards for their in-game achievements and can then use them to purchase in-game assets or trade them on the dedicated marketplace, the Gemwelry, for other cryptocurrencies. This creates a dynamic ecosystem where the value of in-game assets and GNG tokens are closely tied to the success of the players and the popularity of the game.

As the token is integrated within the larger blockchain universe, its value is independent of the game and its developer, making it a great investment opportunity with promising returns. Additionally, it can be used in the future to acquire tokens for upcoming games developed by the same team, further increasing its potential value as an investment.

The total supply of tokens, reward distribution, mechanisms to benefit early adopters and other aspects of the game’s tokenomics have been carefully calculated based on extensive market research, consulted with crypto experts of Callisto Enterprise.


An Experienced Team

We Make Games, the development team behind Gems & Goblins, is an established game development studio working on Gems & Goblins for a couple of years. With decades of experience in developing global blockbuster games such as Train Station or Diggy's Adventure, the core team comprises senior experts who have been working as a well-oiled machine for some time.

We value and believe in transparency, informed decisions and open-mindedness. Our design decisions are based on verified concepts, thorough analysis and feedback from players as well as investors. Last but not least, we like to share the development process with everyone so that we can continuously learn, improve and make the game an even better experience.


A Clear Roadmap

Given the team’s experience in game development and strong partnerships with crypto experts such as the Callisto Enterprise, Gems & Goblins has a clear development plan.

The team has a solid understanding of goals and the resources required to reach them, and keeps a feature backlog that is regularly discussed to ensure that good ideas are taken advantage of, while bad ideas get discarded as soon as possible.

More info about current roadmap coming soon.

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