The possibilities offered by countless combinations of hero skills, items and opponents live within a rich and captivating storyworld. Encompassing unique hero personalities, a mysterious and dangerous environment of Opal Islands, the safety of the player base and rich interaction between players, the game's world comes to life to seamlessly blend with the game mechanics, creating a challenging, yet fun and satisfactory game experience.


After becoming stranded on the shores of an eerily quiet island, the player stumbles across a shiny, pink gem sitting suspiciously in the sand. Curious about its nature, he wanders about the island only to discover it’s populated by these obnoxious, ugly, little creatures - Goblins.

Given no choice, he fights the goblins one by one, realizing that there’s a lot more to this island than he initially thought - and that there’s more of those pink gems too. But how does he fight off all the goblins? What can he do with the gems? And what about the outline of the neighboring islands looming on the foggy horizon?

This is where the player’s adventure starts: assembling a party of heroes, establishing a base and planning for the first battle to conquer whatever he encounters on his journey of discovery, strategy and action.


The game takes place on Opal Islands, a mysterious chain of unexplored territories, each with their own and unique dangers, mysteries and twists that invite the player to explore, take risks and enjoy both the endurance of honorable defeats as well as overwhelming victories.

In contrast to the dangerous outside world, there’s a safe haven - the heroes' base, which the player can improve and add to, empowering the party to challenge stronger opponents on their journey.

All of the environments are gorgeous to look at, immersing the player in a fantasy world that they themselves help to build.


The game loop revolves around a group of heroes that the player assembles, improves with skills, equips and takes command of in epic PvE and PvP battles.

Each of the 50+ planned heroes has a different rarity and a set of unique abilities that need to be used wisely and at the right time. The heroes are characters in themselves, each of them featuring not only a unique visual and sound design, but a different personality, making it fun to try out different ones and collect the most coveted of them all.

To see more about how heroes work, see Game Mechanics

Legions and Leagues

The world of Gems & Goblins has a ranking system of five legions divided into three leagues. The players collect points based on how strong an enemy they defeat, advancing in the ranks getting rewards.

This system enables players to engage in a world populated by other players, rise to challenges and claim their place in the Legendary Army - a list of 50 top players of Gems & Goblins.

See Game Mechanics for a detailed description of Legions, Leagues and the Epoch system.

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